Well, my Yamaha CD writer died. It had been acting flaky lately… most of the time when you’d insert a blank CD, it wouldn’t recognize it as such, it would only see a regular CD-ROM. Then it just stopped burning altogether, even when it did recognize a blank writable CD. Luckily, I had purchased one of those (seemingly gimmicky!) extended warranties from Best Buy when I bought, and the warranty was going to expire this coming October. Good timing!

Best Buy let me take back the Yamaha burner and said I could take any burner up to $150 for free (since my burner cost $150 back when I bought it). CD burners nowadays cost only around $50, so I was able to pick up a Plextor DVD burner instead. This was actually quite good, I was hoping to upgrade to a DVD burner at some point in the future, since my back up sets now span 4 CDs. So now I have a brand-new Plextor DVD burner, which cost me nothing (other than the $50 I paid for the extended warranty).

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