Today I upgraded Camilla to Fedora Core 4. The only reason she was running Core 3 was that, as of July, I couldn’t get wireless networking to work under Core 4. But since then I’ve gotten it working — largely because of building Waldorf. This was actually just part of re-building the operating systems on Camilla. I also re-installed Windows XP. I like to start from scratch about once a year, for several reasons. For one, it helps to get rid of the “cruft” that builds up over time as programs are installed and uninstalled. Also, it gives you the experience of having to re-install an operating system, so that you a) know how to do it in your sleep, b) know what needs to be backed up in order to do it successfully and c) aren’t stressed out by doing it.

Also, to Fozzie‘s page, I added a headset. This isn’t a new component, though. I’ve had this headset since August of 2000. For some reason, I just had never listed it on this page. But it’s certainly a part of Fozzie. This headset has enabled me to use (back when it offered free calling), Skype, Stanaphone, and, currently, SightSpeed. Quite a lot of use for $15 six years ago.

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