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Headset for Video Conferencing

February 20, 2006

As mentioned in my previous post, my old Labtec headset, which I’ve had since 2000, broke recently. So I have now replaced it, with a Plantronics MX-505 headset. It’s interesting to note that this new headset is actually designed for mobile phones, which use a 2.5mm headset jack. I’m able to attach it to my […]

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A Flurry of Changes

February 12, 2006

There has been a flurry of small changes with my computers lately. First, I recently decided to take the wireless NIC (a new Linksys WMP54G) from Waldorf and put it in Fozzie. I built Waldorf mostly to try and use the old parts I had hanging around, as well as to have a Linux-only desktop. […]

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