Boring hardware swaps for Waldorf

Another series of not-too-interesting computer part swaps amongst my computers.

Waldorf was without a sound card, while Fozzie had two (a Sound Blaster Live as well as the on-board sound on the motherboard, which is actually rather good). So I took the SB Live card from Fozzie and put it in Waldorf, and am currently using the on-board sound with Fozzie. Due to this, a top-priority upgrade for next year will be to buy a new sound card for Fozzie. The removal of the SB Live card from Fozzie is actually rather “historic”, in that the SB Live card was one of only 2 components left in Fozzie that date back to when I originally bought that computer in December, 1999. Now the only remaining component from that date is the speakers.

With a sound card, Waldorf also was in need of speakers. So, I pulled an old set of Labtec speakers from my very first computer, an IBM PS/ValuePoint. These speakers are now the oldest component I have in use in any computer. I am not sure of the exact date they were acquired, but it was sometime when I was in middle school I believe (so, mid-90’s). Suprisingly, despite their age they still sound great and work fine.

It also has become desirable for Waldorf to have wireless networking (as it did when it was originally built!) due its location. So, a new Linksys WMP54GS was purchased and installed as well. This is the only truly new component in Waldorf, all other parts have been “inherited” from other computers.

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