The greatest monitor ever

As an early birthday present, today I upgraded my current 15″ LCD monitor to a 19″ Samsung SyncMaster 940BX monitor. This new monitor is absolutely amazing — 1000:1 contrast ratio, 5ms response time, no dead pixels, adjustable height, and can be rotated. Those are feature normally found in very high-end monitors.

This replaces a 15″ Samsung SyncMaster 570V, which I’ve had since sophomore year of college. I still remember when I first got that monitor, it was a big deal because at that time not many people had LCD monitors. That monitor was very good for its time, and is still actually a very nice monitor (no dead pixels there either!). My primary reason for wanting to upgrade was because I wanted a little more screen real estate than a 15″, 1024×768 monitor can offer. So, that monitor has been moved to my fiance’s computer, which is a nice upgrade from her previous CRT monitor.

The monitor was one of the three oldest parts of my computer, upgrading it now puts my >4 year old, 80GB secondary hard drive into that category.

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