Bluetooth Headsets Don’t Cut It

Well, after a year of experimenting with using a Bluetooth headset on my primary desktop, Fozzie, I’ve come to a conclusion — the technology isn’t quite there yet. Even after adjusting to ensure line-of-sight with the receiver, the sound quality was never consistently good enough to rely on. When it was good, it was really good. But when it was bad — it was horrible. So that headset now will become solely for cell phone use, where it seems to work perfectly fine. But not with a computer.

So, after re-evaluating all of my options for headsets, I’ve decided that I still believe the previous configuration to be the best. That is, a good mobile phone headet connected via a Radio Shack headphone/speaker switch that allows mobile phone headsets to connect to a PC. And after re-evaluating mobile phone headsets for this purpose, I’ve similarly decided that headset I used to use is still the best available — a Plantronics MX-505. Currently my old headset and switch are being successfully used on my wife’s computer, Clementine, so I’ve acquired a second Radio Shack switch (hard to come by now, they’re no longer manufactured) and a second Plantronics MX-505 headset, this time in black.

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