A card reader for Clementine

Clementine got an unplanned upgrade — a front panel card reader!  I’ve never gone out of my way to include card readers in my machines, but over the last couple years I’ve really started using flash cards for cameras, phones, and other devices, so it made sense to make it easier to get files off of the cards and onto my computer.  Back in August, I bought a simple external USB card reader (the kind that looks like a flash drive, but a card plugs into).  But then I lost it!  And as I was considering replacing it, I decided that that’s the sort of thing that’s likely to get lost again.  So I decided to get an internal one that becomes part of the front panel.  It’s a Koutech model which fits in a 3.5-inch drive bay, so it’s not terribly obtrusive, and it supports just about every card format on the market — it even has a dedicated MicroSD slot, so no need for adapters!  And it also adds an additional USB port to the front panel.  I already have the two that are part of the case, but this puts one higher up — so I’ll probably actually use this one more.  A good unit as far as I can tell!

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