Minor hardware swap

I love the keyboard and mouse combo that I have for Clementine — a Logitech LX710 wireless keyboard and matching LX7 wireless mouse.  I love that combo so much, in fact, that the set I have for Clementine is actually the second I’ve owned — the first was for my old (retired) desktop, Fozzie.  However, after 5 years of use, the mouse on Clementine started to have an odd duplicate-click issue — if you clicked the mouse, sometimes it register as two (or more!) clicks.  A Google search turned up lots of other people with this issue on mice after they’ve hit a certain age, but no solutions.  I’m happy with the five years I got out of that mouse, so I don’t hold a grudge.  Rather, I took the exact spare set that I have still hanging around from Fozzie, and swapped that in place.  This set is actually older (going on six years old now!), so hopefully it doesn’t start to show its age as well anytime soon!

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