WiFi adapter & Hard Drive

Two recent upgrades to mention:

First, back in December, I replaced Clementine’s 802.11g WiFi adapter with a new TP-LINK 802.11n adapter.  This is the first step in a multi-step plan I have to upgrade my home network to all-802.11n.  Since Clementine’s adapter has been upgraded prior to the router, she doesn’t yet see the full speed that the new adapter is capable of.  But, even with just this upgrade, I have found that speeds between Clementine and my other computers have almost doubled.  The old adapter was, well — old.  One of the oldest components I had still in use, in fact.  That adapter started out as an adapter for Waldorf, my machine built out of spare parts in 2005.  The next step in my 802.11n plan will be to upgrade my router, at which point I’ll see the full effect of the new adapter.

Also, one of Clementine’s hard drives got upgraded.  Clementine has two hard drives, one for OS/applications, and one for data.  The 500GB data drive seemed huge 3 years ago when I got it, but having a child and taking endless amounts of HD home videos has resulted in that drive filling up much quicker than expected.  So, it has been replaced with a Western Digital WD Black 2TB drive.  Hopefully, this will last me at least another 3 years before it fills up as well!

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