Upgrade to Mesh Networking

Recently, I upgraded my home WiFi network to use mesh networking. My previous wireless router wasn’t bad, but I did find that speeds dropped dramatically the farther away you moved, and the network did not expand outside of the house. I really wanted a consistent speed no matter where you were in the house, and I wanted our network to cover certain outdoor areas. Mesh networking is perfect for this because each node acts as a repeater, expanding the network out and helping to maintain consistent speeds. After much research, I settled on TP-Link Deco M5, in a 3-pack of nodes. Before setting it up, I did speed tests in several key spots inside and outside of m house, and then did the same speed tests after setting it up. I achieved the goals I had been aiming for — no matter where you are, you get the same speed, and that speed is slightly higher than the highest speed I saw before with my single router. And the wireless network covers the entirety of my yard. If I ever had issues and felt I needed to expand even more, you can just add more nodes. So far this has been a great upgrade, the only challenge was switching all of my devices over to the new network!

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