New keyboard

For the last several years, when my laptop Aurora (and before her, Venus) is docked at my desk, I have been using an Apple Keyboard with Numeric Keyboard, and it has generally been my all-time favorite keyboard. The keys have a perfect feeling to them, with just the right amount of resistance but not too much, it’s sturdily-made out aluminum, and generally has a streamlined and pleasing aesthetic to it.

The only downside has been that it’s a wired keyboard. That’s not a huge deal, but it means one more thing to plug and unplug when transitioning the laptop between desk mode or mobile mode. For many years Apple has made the Magic Keyboard, which is a well-made wireless keyboard, but it lacks a number pad. The sort of tasks that I use my laptop for at a desk are the types of tasks that benefit from a number pad (budget, taxes…) so that was a deal breaker for me and I stuck with the wired version.

Not too long ago Apple finally released a version of the wireless Magic Keyboard with the numeric keypad, which meant the time had finally come for me to upgrade. The Magic Keyboard has a slightly different feel to the keys, but is still the best keyboard I have used, and now is wireless!

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