The online home for Greg Leedberg since 1995.


Active Sites

  • Leedberg.com - My blog, where I post whatever is on my mind. An interesting insight into the mind and life of Greg Leedberg.
  • Greg Leedberg Software Creations - Download my programs, and get more information about them, from this site.

Inactive Sites

  • Web Gone MAD - With everything a Mad Magazine fan would want, this site was mentioned on CNN Interactive.
  • Motaro's MK Page - My first real site, here you can get kodes, news, files, and much more for one of the most popular videogames, Mortal Kombat. This site was featured in Game Player's magazine, and recieved a 4-star rating from Luckman Interactive.
  • Seinfeld Online - The show's off the air, but it should never be forgotten. This site was featured in Microsoft's Slate magazine.