This is the first post, so there aren’t any upgrades to talk about, but I can touch on where I hope to go with my computers a little bit. In the near-term, I’d like to replace the PSU in Fozzie (which came with the case) with one which isn’t so loud. I also hope to replace the aging 20GB hard drive in Fozzie with a SATA drive, at least 80GB. The combined 100GB I have currently is enough, but I’d like to be able to mirror my data from my current 80GB Maxtor drive onto another drive for daily backups, but the 20GB drive isn’t large enough. I also hope to expand the memory in both Fozzie and Camilla. Fozzie’s 512MB is enough for now, but when Windows XP 64-Bit Edition comes out, it will use more memory than regular XP, so I might be constrained. And Camilla only currently has 256MB, which is just barely enough to comfortably run XP. So that’s it… stay tuned!

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