Over the weekend I did something I’ve been planning to do for a long time: increased the amount of RAM in Camilla. I swapped out one of the 128MB modules, and replaced it with a Kingston 256MB PC2100 module, bringing the total to 384MB.

It may seem odd that Camilla had two 128MB modules rather than just a single 256MB module, but at the time that I bought Camilla, there was a substantial financial savings by going the 2x128MB route. I knew that 256MB wasn’t a whole lot for a laptop to run Windows XP, but I decided that I would save the money in the short term, and then upgrade one of the modules within a year. Well, now, 2 years later, I’ve finally done it 🙂 Even 384MB is a little low for a laptop — when you’re dealing 5400RPM hard drives, you don’t want the OS to swap to disk very often! — but my plan is to upgrade the other 128MB module within a year.

So look for that upgrade in November 2007….

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