Today I added one 1GB module of Crucial PC3200 RAM to Fozzie, bringing Fozzie’s total to 1.5GB of RAM.

1.5GB is quite a lot of memory for a desktop system, so you might wonder why I added 1GB rather than, say, 512MB. The reason is, even though the Asus K8V motherboard has three slots for memory modules and supports PC3200 speed RAM, you can only achieve that maximum speed in the event that two or fewer slots are in use. As soon as you put a third module in the system, the speed of all memory drops to, I think, PC2700. I’d rather keep the speed high, so, thinking ahead, figured it’d be better to put a 1GB module in and then not need more for a long time. When the time comes to upgrade memory again, I’ll replace the pre-existing 512MB module with another 1GB — and then stop memory upgrades, so as to not lower the access speed.

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