Laptop mouse

Unlike most people, I really do like touchpads on laptops. I think they’re an intuitive way to use a pointing device. Because of this, I’ve exclusively used the touchpad on Camilla in the time I have had this laptop.

However, once in a while, I really do a lot of work in one sitting on my laptop. For instance, if I work from home, or if I take the laptop on a trip and it becomes my primary computer. In those cases, the “intuitiveness” of the touchpad is overshadowed by the discomfort it causes after extended usage.

For these times, I decided to buy a Logitech Notebook Optical Mouse Plus. It was the top-rated corded optical notebook mouse on NewEgg and Amazon, and was only $11, so I figured it’s a good deal. Why not cordless? Mostly because it’d be just one more battery to charge. Also, with a laptop, I don’t forsee the need to require the mouse to be far away from the computer. I love the wireless mouse I have for my desktop, but it just didn’t make sense for a laptop.

Seems pretty good. Smaller than a desktop mouse, but not as small as some Microsoft notebook mice I have seen, so it’s still comfortable to hold. Cord wraps around the bottom and snaps into place. Feels pretty sturdy and solid overall, even the scroll wheel. Not a terribly exciting upgrade, but worthwhile and a good deal. Nice.

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