Minor changes

Just had a few minor changes for Clementine recently.  For one, her keyboard (a Logitech L710 wireless model) started having issues where some keys didn’t work reliably.  So, I swapped that out and replaced it with a spare I had lying around — a generic Dell keyboard that came with Scooter, my HTPC, but that I never used.  It’s actually a pretty nice keyboard, with a nice feel to the keys.  I may still eventually get a new wireless keyboard, but for the time being a wired one is OK — the layout of my desk doesn’t require a wireless one.

While I was doing this swap, I decided to also remove my Logitech webcam, Plantronics headset, and Radio Shack headset/speaker switch.  These components were all acquired together for the purpose of videoconferencing many years ago, but these days, if I’m going to videoconference, I do it on my iPad or iPhone.  They provide a much better form factor for video conferencing than a desktop computer.  So I figured it was time to simplify and get rid of those components rather than keeping them but not using them.

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