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Software Projects

Thank you for your interest in my software!

Programming is a passion of mine, and all the software here is free to use (although donations are appreciated).

Explore the site, try my software, and let me know what you think.

  • The Billy Project - The Billy Project is home to my natural language processing artifical intelligence research. The two main programs here are my well-known "chatbots", Billy and Daisy. They are computer programs you can hold a conversation with. Behind the scenes, they feature very advanced artificial intelligence.
  • Cotiro - Cotiro is a cross-platform, open source, intelligent college scheduling system. Given a set of courses, professors, and rooms, it will generate a time and room schedule for the courses. It was originally a research project into constraint satisfaction for an artificial intelligence course I took during my undergraduate studies.
  • GUSH - GUSH stands for "Greg's Unnamed Scheduling Helper". It's intended for use by students, and can help you through the (sometimes stressful) tradition of planning out your course schedule.

Feel free to send any questions, comments, or suggestions my way.