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  • November 17, 2004 - Released GUSH 1.0. GUSH is actually a quite-old program of mine, but it has never before been publicly available. I'm going to try and put more of my non-Billy-related programs on this site, and GUSH is the first example of this. If you ever have to schedule college courses, check it out.


  • GUSH stands for "Greg's Unnamed Scheduling Helper". This is just a small program intended to help you get through the stressful process of picking out a class schedule. This program assumes that you have already picked out what classes you want to take (or, at least, some possible combinations of classes). You simply input the classes into GUSH (along with all the days and times of all sections), and GUSH will generate all the possible schedules with the classes you have entered. Additionally, you can enter in some timespans during which you would, ideally, like to avoid having a class scheduled (like, say, 7am - noon). If possible, GUSH will avoid schedules that put a class during those time ranges.

    Largely, GUSH was an experiment to allow me to learn C++. Originally, GUSH was a console-based UNIX program, which was also my first full-fledged C++ program. When it came time to learn how to write Windows programs, I figured I would re-write GUSH, and learn Windows programming along the way.

    The current version of GUSH is still pretty basic, but useful. I'd like to return to it someday (maybe when I need to learn something new...) and use better techniques for generating schedules. Remeber that the logic of program was (largely) written during my freshman year of college.

  • For the latest version of GUSH, go to the Download section!