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Latest news

November 4, 2005 - Updated the Links page. Namely, added a link to an article at ComputorEdge about Billy and Daisy, and updated the link to the online Billy.

January 18, 2004 - Released Billy 4.1. Several new features have been added, and many bugs have been fixed. Download it, or check out the release notes. Also, if you are upgrading from 4.0, check out the new FAQ.



Billy is developed by Gregory G. Leedberg. If you have any suggestions, questions, or comments, feel free to send it to me.

Download Current Version

Billy is provided free of charge. However, if you like it, you are encouraged to donate any amount you feel it is worth to help fund future development.

Billy 4.1

  • Download link: billy.msi (Recommended, Windows installer, 1.50 MB)
  • Download link: (ZIP archive)

To download, right-click on the above Windows installer link and select Save Target As...

Billy 4.1 requires Windows 98 or newer. If you are unable to run the install file, you should try the ZIP file instead, and run SETUP.EXE.


Archive downloads include source code in addition to the originally released files.

Archive downloads are provided under the GNU General Public License.

Version Original
Original compiler History Download
Billy 2.21 6/18/2000 8/25/2003 UDLP2 Pascal Free Pascal 1.0 Link (76KB)
Billy 2.2 5/19/2000 8/25/2003 UDLP2 Pascal Free Pascal 1.0 Link (76KB)
Billy 2.11 2/14/2000 8/25/2003 UDLP1 Pascal Borland Turbo Pascal 7 Link (63KB)
Billy 2.1 1/30/2000 8/25/2003 UDLP1 Pascal Borland Turbo Pascal 7 Link (63KB)
Billy 2.0.1 12/26/1999 8/25/2003 Original Pascal Borland Turbo Pascal 7 Link (49KB)