Got a new printer today, a Canon Pixma iP6600D. This is to replace my 5-year-old HP DeskJet 932C. The 932C had served me very well over the years (all of college and grad school), but was very obviously starting to die. Whenever I’d print with it, it would emit crazy squealing and grinding noises like no printer should ever do. And it seemed to be jamming more lately. So, I got this new Canon. I’m very happy with it so far. Borderless photo printing, LCD preview, memory card slots. A lot has changed in printing in the last 5 years! I really wanted just another simple printer, but it seemed like all the “simple” printers had bad print quality as well. The 6600D is sort of new, so there aren’t lots of reviews online for it, but the ones I found were positive, and I know that Canon has produced several of the best printers out right now (iP4000 and iP5000), so it seemed like a safe bet.

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