Yesterday I added a Logitech Precision GamePad 2 to Fozzie. Now, I actually don’t play games very often on my computer, so why would I want a game pad? Because, every now and then I do enjoy playing emulated games. Classic games, like Mario and Sonic, that sort of thing. Every now and then, I’m just in the mood for playing Mario Kart for 15 minutes. But, it’s quite horrible to do that with a computer keyboard. So, I’ve been looking and looking for a good, cheap, PC game controller. I don’t need a joystick, analog pads, or rumble features, because I’m only going to play older games with it. But at the same time, I don’t want a really cheaply made controller that will fall apart after a few months. The Logitech Precision GamePad only costs $10, and has really good reviews on Amazon. Thus far, I’ve agreed with the reviews — it’s a really comfortable, sturdy controller, that really does just “plug and play” — no drivers or anything required. Recommended if you want to play emulated games. Probably not so good if you want to play modern flight simulators and first person shooters.

This was actually a great birthday present from my wonderful girlfriend. Thanks, Leslie 🙂

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