Waldorf’s refresh

Nothing too interesting has been happening with my computers, but there have been several swaps of parts between my computers.

First, the wireless NIC I had been using in Fozzie was removed, and installed instead into my fiance’s computer. Fozzie now is back to using its on-board wired LAN. My fiance and I are moving into an apartment together, and the layout of the place dictated that her computer would have to be the wireless one, and that mine would be close enough to the router to be wired. That’s fine — I don’t care either way. It was a life saver to have the wireless NIC, though, it really gives you some freedom and makes it easier to set up multiple computers in a room.

Second, Waldorf (which has been mostly usused for the last year) has been revived as a “starter” computer for my mother. So, I wiped out the Linux installation and installed Windows XP instead, since it is a easier operating system to use. I also swapped the 15-inch monitor for the spare 17-inch Compaq monitor I have, since 15 inches is almost unusable for a CRT monitor nowadays. It’s a pretty good machine for learning, I think. What’s interesting is that after all of this swapping and inheriting of parts, Waldorf is now almost exaclty the same computer as the original Fozzie from 1999. Waldorf now just has 128MB more RAM, and is lacking a sound card and speakers. Other than that, all the original Fozzie parts are now humming along in Waldorf.

Ah, the circle of life.

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