A 10-Year-Old Keyboard Gets Replaced

Waldorf got a new keyboard — a Microsoft Wired Keyboard 500. It’s a pretty nice keyboard, simple, but effective. It’s wired because this particular computer has no need for wireless peripherals, and the addition of batteries would really just be detrimental. And the keyboard is simple, no LCD screens or multitudes of media buttons which no one would ever use. Just a good, soft-touch, quiet, keyboard. Which is surprisingly hard to find nowadays.

This replaces a generic Compaq keyboard, which dates back to the earliest days of Fozzie (1999!). In addition to just being generally old, the keys were starting to lose responsiveness. I think it’s understandable that it started to die after almost 10 years of use.

This keyboard marks one of the last components of Waldorf that can be upgraded without a major renovation — everything else is tied to the motherboard in one way or another. This computer was originally built from parts cycled out of Fozzie, and I have been systematically upgrading all of the individually replaceable parts ever since. Now we’re at the point where the next step will be to renovate the remaining parts of the computer — motherboard, CPU, PSU, case, video card, and memory.

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