Scooter’s first upgrade!

Scooter, my home theater PC, recently got upgraded from 2GB RAM to 3GB.  Scooter came from Dell with two 1GB modules, so I replaced one with a 2GB module to achieve the 3GB total.

This is also a reasonable time to give an update — Scooter is working out great!  This was my first foray into home theater PCs, and it’s a great addition to my home theater.  I wasn’t sure if I really would use a PC like this, but it gets used all the time.  Netflix streaming, Youtube watching, Pandora or iTunes music to my wireless speakers throughout the house, or just sticking an SD card in to view digital pictures.  It’s amazing how often it comes in handy to have a decent computer permanently set up in the family room, attached to the TV and the home’s sound system.  And I still love the appearance of the Dell Zino HD — it blends in great with the other A/V equiment.

If you’re on the fence about getting a home theater PC in general or a Zino HD in particular — they both have high recommendations from me.

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