Printer / Scanner!

Clementine‘s Canon printer and Epson scanner have both been replaced with a wireless Canon MG6120 Photo All-In-One printer.  Since this is a wireless printer/scanner/copier (through Wifi), it’s no longer considered a part of Clementine and is now instead considered a shared resource.

Both the previous printer and scanner were great and largely working fine, but this will be a beneficial upgrade on several fronts.  The fact that it’s wireless means it’s no longer dependent on anyone computer.  Sure, Windows can share printers, but then you have to make sure the host computer is powered on.  In my computing environment, where I have 3 computers spread over 2 floors, there’s no guarantee that Clementine will be powered on and it might be inconvenient to go and turn it on.  In this vein, the new printer can actually automatically open up the paper output tray when a print job comes in.  So, as long as the printer is on (in a standby mode), any other computer can print.  Great!

Also, over time it has become more and more desirable to be able to occasionally do a quick copy, without having to start up a photo editing program, scan, save, and print.  This new multifunction unit will streamline that workflow quite a bit.

So far, I really like this printer / scanner.  It was very easy to set up, and the features all seem to work really well and are easy to use.  I already love Canon printers, and the scan quality is quite good as well.  I’ve always been weary of multifunction devices, but I did a lot of research and this particular one seems to be great.

Lastly, it’s worth noting that the old printer and scanner were two of the oldest components in Clementine.  The Canon printer was 5 years old, but the Epson scanner is an amazing 10 years old — it’s seen many computers come and go and has continued to perform well in all that time.  You will be missed, Epson!

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