Keyboard upgrade — finally!

Over a year ago, my wireless Logitech keyboard died, and I temporarily replaced it with a backup Dell keyboard that had come with my old HTPC, Scooter.  I originally had planned on getting a permanent keyboard as part of getting my new laptop Venus last February, but I had trouble picking one out, so I delayed this upgrade and stuck with the Dell keyboard for Venus’ “docked” environment at my desk.

What I really wanted in a replacement keyboard was: 1) A full keyboard, including numeric keypad (my wife and I both use the numeric keypad quite a bit);  2) Bluetooth;  3) Backlit (since we type at night often);  and 4) Good build quality / key-feel.

After searching and searching, I realized that a keyboard that matches all of those qualities does not exist, so I had to prioritize what mattered most to me and find the best overall keyboard.  I ended up deciding on the Apple Keyboard with Numeric Keypad.  It’s got a number pad, and an extremely high build quality with a great feel to the keys.  I had decided that those two qualities matter most to me.  Bluetooth doesn’t matter a much as it would with a mouse since the keyboard sits on a keyboard tray and doesn’t really need to move, and not many keyboard have backlit keys to start with so that holding onto that quality would have greatly reduced my available options.  Interestingly, the white keys of the Apple keyboard are surprisingly visible in low light, which mostly addresses my need for a backlit keyboard.

Now having gotten this keyboard, I think that, all things considered, it’s probably the best keyboard I’ve ever owned.  The feel of it is amazing, it’s a pleasure to type on.  So having percolated on this decision for over a year ended up being worth it — this keyboard is a great addition to my computer!

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