A Couple of New Hard Drives

Over the last few weeks, I’ve gotten a few new hard drives.

First, I got a new 2TB Western Digital external hard drive to go along with my new laptop, Aurora. This hard drive is intended to be used solely as a Time Machine drive for that computer. I’ve been using Time Machine for several years with Venus, and I’ve come to like how it works. It provides an easy local backup solution with full version history (until the drive fills up), and can be used to either restore individual files or the entire system — even to a new computer.

Second, I got a new 4TB Western Digital external hard drive to use as a secondary backup drive for Iris. Every month I perform a backup of all the data on Iris to an external hard drive. Having this second drive will let me alternate between two drives, providing a better safety net, and I also plan to eventually keep one of them off-site for even more protection. Right now my off-site backups are handled by CrashPlan, but the cost of CrashPlan has doubled and I’m looking to move away from it eventually. I count this hard drive as a “shared” resource because it can also function just as a useful vessel for moving files around between devices as needed.

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