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Magic Trackpad

July 28, 2017

I’ve always liked trackpads on laptops, and that only became more true after getting a MacBook Pro. Apple is known for making great trackpads that are responsive, large, and support many intuitive gestures. The Magic Mouse is a pretty good improvement on traditional mice, but the more I’ve used the trackpad on my Mac, the […]

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Venus Gets a Time Machine Backup

May 31, 2017

Over the years, I’ve developed a very elaborate — but pretty reliable — backup strategy. I keep all of my data on my file server. It backs up, offsite, automatically, to CrashPlan throughout the day. Once a month I make a backup to an external hard drive. I’ve never focused on backing up my laptop, […]

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Finally – a new file server!

January 25, 2017

Back in 2015, when I transitioned to using a laptop as a primary computer, I also transitioned my previous desktop computer, Clementine to the role of being a file server. I felt it was a better approach to have a computer that was dedicated to being powered on all the time, with software oriented around […]

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New Apple TV

December 31, 2016

I’m a big fan of the Apple TV.  In terms of functionality, I feel like it is the superset of all streaming devices.  You can cast media to it from smartphones and tablets.  Out of the box, you can stream your own local content from a PC.  It ties into Apple’s iTunes ecosystem for movie/TV […]

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New iPad!

April 10, 2016

Back in March 2012, I bought a third generation iPad to serve as a “family room” computer — for checking email, looking things up while watching TV, checking the weather, etc.  It served extremely well in that role — even better than I had expected!  In fact, I was so impressed by this concept of […]

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Upgrade to external hard drive

December 31, 2015

Many years ago, I built an external hard drive by getting a Rosewill external hard drive enclosure, along with a 640GB Western Digital hard drive to go inside it.  Combined, they gave me an external hard drive to use for monthly backups (in addition to the real-time cloud backups I get with CrashPlan). Over time, […]

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Keyboard upgrade — finally!

December 29, 2015

Over a year ago, my wireless Logitech keyboard died, and I temporarily replaced it with a backup Dell keyboard that had come with my old HTPC, Scooter.  I originally had planned on getting a permanent keyboard as part of getting my new laptop Venus last February, but I had trouble picking one out, so I delayed […]

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First upgrade for Venus – A New Mouse!

July 13, 2015

When I got my new laptop, Venus, and decided to make her my primary computer, I knew that I would still frequently want a full keyboard/mouse/monitor setup in many situations, so I set up a “docked” environment at my desk that she could easily be connected to and disconnected from, comprised of an amazingly nice […]

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Introducing Venus

April 13, 2015

I recently was able to enact a long-planned and far-reaching change to my technology environment at home. The main change to talk about is that I bought Venus — a late 2013, 13-inch MacBook Pro. Prior to Venus, I had always had a desktop as a primary computer, with a low-powered laptop to use if […]

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Holiday Updates!

January 31, 2015

As is the case every year, the holidays brought several computer updates. The most important one is that, after having been extremely happy with my Apple TV, Beauregard, I got a second one, Aloysius, for my basement TV.  I really, really like the Apple TV.  It makes it so easy to watch streaming video from […]

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